Our Pre-K Curriculum – 4 Years Old

At 4 years old, children are preparing for school. We get them ready to go.

Staten Island Early Childhood Center is a tight-knit community where we prepare your growing 4 year old for kindergarten. Our Pre-K Curriculum is designed around monthly themes with hands-on activities. Children learn math, science, vocabulary and social skills. Everything your child learns each day is reinforced and extended throughout the year to prepare him for school.

Staten Island Early Childhood Center understands that 4 year olds are eager to learn new things. They are enthusiastic to make new friends and are able to do many more tasks independently. We take all of this into consideration when developing  our Pre-K Curriculum.

Areas of Development

Our Pre-K Curriculum focuses on your 4-year-old child’s primary areas of development.

Language Arts and Literacy: At 4 years old, children begin to realize that they can put letters together to make words, and words together to make sentences. Your child will practice writing skills while writing his name and simple words. All 4 year olds love to sing, recite poems and share stories about their lives. We let your child lead the way as our expert teachers give encouragement to help your child along.

Mathematics: In our Pre-K Curriculum, your child will count and compare objects and groups of objects. Your 4 year old will participate in making graphs, completing patterns and measuring things with conventional and non conventional measuring tools.

Science: At 4 years old, children are naturally inquisitive, so we created the science portion of Pre-K Curriculum to meet their needs. Children make observations, chart weather daily  and identify differences in the seasons. They plant seeds and record the growth, learn the importance of keeping the earth clean and how to recycle at school and home.

Social and Emotional Development: Children begin to understand the meaning of friendship by the time they’re 4 years old. They hug each other or sit with their arms around one another as they read a book. They begin identifying their feelings. At our school we encourage children to discuss their emotions, to tell friends why they are special and to share enthusiasm for new people and new things.

Gross and Fine Motor Development: At 4 years old, children have good control of their fine motor skills. They use crayons to turn scribbles into letters and words. They can zip, button and snap their own clothes. During Family Style Dining, 4 year olds will serve themselves, passing food to others and use forks and spoons to eat.

At our school we know that learning happens all the time, not just in the classroom. When your child is outside on our age-appropriate playground, the learning continues. Your child will chase friends, climb up the ladder and slide down the slide, walk like a gorilla and jump like a kangaroo. 

Character Education: At our school we believe it is important to introduce children to a wide variety of character traits. In order to further your child’s character development, we focus on a positive value each month; such as, honesty, generosity and patience. This helps children better understand our society and helps them develop into caring young adults.